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The badge of honour of Concerto Copenhagen is originality of interpretations as well as a strong ability to communicate with the audience – Concerto Copenhagen makes the vintage music vital, present, and current.

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Laurels To Modern Baroque Orchestra

»A modern oboe concerto for Baroque orchestra with historical instruments? An excellent idea! The result was both beautiful and fascinating. [...] The concert deserved so much a large laurel wreath, because we have here some venerable heroes in both the composer and the orchestra. The next 25 years [...] is certainly more than promising. [...] It is highly recommended to top off the summer with this special Vivaldi experience.«

Jeppe Rönnow
Politiken, 13/6 2016

J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor

J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor

In 2013 Concerto Copenhagen was able to record Bach’s famous B Minor Mass thanks to a generous donation from a Danish foundation. The recording has received high critical acclaim.