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The badge of honour of Concerto Copenhagen is originality of interpretations as well as a strong ability to communicate with the audience – Concerto Copenhagen makes the vintage music vital, present, and current.

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Four Seasons - Autumn

A. Vivaldi / K. Aa. Rasmussen: "L'Autunno", 1st movement.
Fredrik From – violin
Magnus Fryklund – conductor
​World premiere
Live recording from Tivoli Concert Hall 12/6 2016


With Holberg On A Journey In Europe

Poul Høxbro – presenter, galoubet-et-tambourin
Lars Ulrik Mortensen – musical direction
From concert in Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, 12/06 2016
Video production: Christoffer Askman
Sound recording: DR P2 Musik

The Morning We Were Shepherds

The Morning We Were Shepherds

Picture book and concert Kan you publish a book with and about baroque music for children? We have tried! So here is a picture book told by Tea Bendix and Poul Høxbro, designed by Tea Bendix and with an embedded CD with French and English Baroque music performed by Concerto Copenhagen, led by Poul Høxbro and Lars Ulrik Mortensen. The book is published in collaboration with Forlaget Carlsen in connection with Concerto Copenhagen's 25th anniversary 2016. See a read-through here... See the full press release about the book here (PDF)... The book is for sale or can be ordered from the country's bookstores. It can also be purchased at most of Concerto Copenhagen concerts. The book can also be ordered from Concerto Copenhagen while stocks last. Price: 200 kr. + postage. Write to See video interviews and reviews of the book further down the page! And it is also a concert! During the concert Poul Høxbro tells the story of the book in a free and vivid way while playing pibe and tabor together with an ensemble of musicians from Concerto Copenhagen. The book's illustrations and a lot of extra material are projected on the big screen. The children are given time to ask questions, and more. Target audience: age 5-8 years Duration: 35-45 minutes The concert works for groups from 1-4 school classes at a time. You will need a relatively powerful LCD projector and a screen, which require some blackout. Price: As agreed, can be arranged best in cooperation with a library, cultural center or similar, which will be responsible for the majority of the economy. Please contact Nadia Harpøth Adan på tlf. 4212 6843 or mail for more info.


J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor

J. S. Bach: Mass in B Minor

In 2013 Concerto Copenhagen was able to record Bach’s famous B Minor Mass thanks to a generous donation from a Danish foundation. The recording has received high critical acclaim.


Superior Version

»In the long run I'm left in no doubt that Mortensen's is the superior version. His tempos seem to arise more naturally from the music and I find his architectural sense more compelling than that of Gardiner [...]«
5 out of 5 stars.
About our recording of Bach's B Minor Mass...

Early Music Today, June-August 2016
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