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Concerto Copenhagen


The Sound of Lumbye and his Idols.

1. H.C Lumbye: Champagne Galop, Op. 14 (1845)
2. H.C Lumbye: Andante cantabile e Tarantella (1843)
3. J. Lanner: Die Mozartisten, Op. 196 (1842)
4. J. Strauss I: Champagne Waltz, Op. 14 (1828)
5. H.C Lumbye: Echo from the Old Gods at Tivoli Island, Galop (1844)
6. H.C Lumbye: Silver Wedding Waltz (1840)
7. H.C Lumbye: Bellman's feast on Djurgården (1844)
8. H.C Lumbye: Figaro Waltz (1841)
9. H.C Lumbye: Tivoli Bazaar Tsching-Tsching Polka (1843)

Today, we are used to hearing the Champagne Gallop and Hans Christian Lumbye's other works played by modern symphony orchestras with 60 or more musicians. But what did the music sound like in Lumbye's own time? On this recording, Concerto Copenhagen and Lars Ulrik Mortensen give us an idea of the sound of Danish pop music from the 1840s - as close as we can get to it today. A sound that no one has heard in over 150 years.


♥♥♥♥♥♥ "This album is a revelation"
(Thomas Michelsen, Politiken, August 19, 2023)

"I couldn't love anyone who wasn't charmed by this utterly delightful disc" (Richard Bratby, Gramophone, November 2023)


Concerto Copenhagen
Flute: Katy Bircher
Piccolo/Flute: Lina León
Oboe: Antoine Torunczyk
Clarinet: Ernst Schlader & Markus Springer
Bassoon: Lisa Goldberg
Horn: Gavin Edwards & Richard Bayliss
Trumpet: Robert Farley, Christopher Pigram, Howard Rowntree & Gustav Melander
Trombone: Adrian France
Percussion: Patrick Raab Jakob Weber, Søren Rønløv & Marcus Wall
Guitar: Fredrik Bock
Violin I: Fredrik From, Peter Spissky & Alison Luthmers
Violin II: Hannah Tibell & Jesenka Balic Zunic
Viola: Antina Hugosson & Marie Stockmarr Becker
Cello: Hanna Loftsdóttir & Gunnar Hauge
Bass: Megan Adie & Hen Goldsobel
Musical direction: Lars Ulrik Mortensen

The album was released on August 18, 2023