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ST JOHN PASSION - Concerto Copenhagen - Lars Ulrik Mortensen


ST JOHN PASSION - Concerto Copenhagen - Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Concerto Copenhagen

St John Passion

Johann Sebastian Bach: St John Passion, BWV 245

"Art is the most ephemeral and transcendent form of expression of human activity, but it does not emerge in a vacuum. Art grows out of the surrounding society; it is honed and refined by the people who live in that society, and this inevitably translates into aspects of artistic expression. We do not see this as a limitation, because the dualism between ideal and execution, body and soul, the tangible and the intangible is and always will be the basic condition of human life. Discussing the social and political context in which Bach's St. John Passion was created simply leads us to a better understanding of the historical facts and the music. That there were certain political and power-related structures and relationships that reigned in Leipzig in 1724 should come as no surprise."
Nikolaj de Fine Licht, Orchestra Director, Concerto Copenhagen


Soprano Concertino: Joanne Lunn
Soprano Ripieno: Hanna Kappelin
Alto Concertino: Alex Potter
Alto Ripieno: Steffen Jespersen
Tenor Concertino: Nicholas Mulroy
Tenor Ripieno: Mathias Monrad Møller
Bass Concertino: Peter Harvey
Bass Ripieno: Jakob Bloch Jespersen

Concerto Copenhagen:
Flute: Katy Bircher, Irene Spranger
Oboe: Antoine Torunczyk, Nienke van der Meulen
Bassoon: Jane Gower
Theorbo: Fredrik Bock
Harpsichord: Christian Kjos
Violin I: Fredrik From, Peter Spissky Hannah Tibell
Violin II: Antina Hugosson, Jesenka Balic Zunic, Kanerva Juutilainen
Viola: Torbjörn Köhl
Cello/Viola da gamba: Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann
Double bass: Hen Goldsobel
Organ and musical direction: Lars Ulrik Mortensen

The album was released on 24.02 2023