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Nordic Light Festival - Berlin

The Nordic Ligths Festival celebrates a musical midsummer evening in Berlin by bringing together four of the Nordic Baroque orchestras, as well as Germany's leading Baroque orchestra, the Freiburger Barock Orchestra! 

Freiburger Barock Orchester, Barokkanerne, Drottningsholms Barockensemble, Finnish Baroque Orchestra and Concerto Copenhagen come together for an inspiring festival in the heart of Berlin.

The richness and versatility of Scandinavian music and performers is well known in the rest of Europe, but original music ensembles from these countries are rarely seen outside of Northern Europe. Yet they are among the most innovative and bold ensembles in their home countries with exciting concert formats, educational outreach projects and experimental programs.

The Nordic Lights Festival marks another milestone: not only do the four ensembles meet in Berlin for the very first time, but they also invite the Central European orchestra, Freiburger Barock Orchester, to expand the network and share the joy of exchange and collaboration.

Nordic Lights Festival is organized by Nordic Baroque Scene (NBS). NBS is a collaborative platform established by Barokkanerne, Concerto Copenhagen, Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble and Finnish Baroque Orchestra with the aim of strengthening the Nordic Baroque scene through joint innovative projects that highlight its diversity and quality while expanding its international visibility.