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Rich color, contrast, drama, movement - all emotions are presented to the listener's core in the story of losing the most precious thing in the world.

When musician Orpheus loses his beloved Euridice, he descends into the underworld to bring her back from the dead through song.

The power of song is strong and can move us deeply. But can music and song also change fate and bring the dead back to life? This is the theme of Monteverdi's 400-year-old but still relevant opera, where the audience is swept up in the drama and put in the characters' shoes, sharing their emotions.

The myths of Ancient Greece have been the source of many operas, and the story of the fate of Orpheus in particular has struck an artistic chord with many composers. Monteverdi's dynamic melodies and powerful sounds in Orpheus are so timeless that it can be hard to believe the opera is four centuries old.

"Orpheus is a mirror for all of us, a mirror for our deepest fears and the greatest pain in our personal lives." - Jetske Mijnssen, director.

This production of Orpheus only managed to be performed twice at its premiere in 2020, but returns with a vengeance in a five-performance revival.

Reviews from 2020:

"A beautiful and distinctive experience at Gamle Scene" - Kristeligt Dagblad

"Hypnotically beautiful" - Information