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Music for Palm Sunday

Concerto Copenhagen ushers in Easter with a team of young singers who take us on a musical journey from wistful dance rhythms and absolutions to festive welcome music.

Easter is usually associated with passion music describing the suffering and death of Jesus. But in this concert, we'll get close to the events that usher in Easter: Lent and Je-su's arrival in Jerusalem - Palm Sunday.

We return to the spring of 1714 in Weimar, where the barely 30-year-old Johan Sebastian Bach has been promoted to Kapellmeister and will show the count, the court and the congregation his skills as a composer with the cantatas 'Himmelskönig sei willkommen' and 'Widerstehe doch der Sünde'.

In "Widerstehe doch der Sünde", both musicians and audience must resist the temptations of sin in life here on earth. The music gives us a musical image of the dangerous, the sin that we must fight against in order to receive the eternal in heaven. But it also shows how tempting and easy it would be to surrender to something so appealing. "So it's not just ugly but also incredibly beautiful at the same time - in a sensual and almost erotic way", Lars Ulrik Mortensen describes the music.

In "Himmelskönig sei willkommen" we meet Jesus on his way into Jerusalem riding a donkey. He is met by a crowd of people who welcome him with palm leaves and song. The cantata is, like Palm Sunday, festive and cheerful, with the suffering and death of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday only in the distance. A fitting image of Jesus' humble yet dignified entry into Jerusalem.

The concert begins with Telemann's Ouverture Suite in A minor. In the spring of 1714, Telemann had just become godfather to J.S Bach's newborn son, Carl Philipp Emanuel. Despite the dancing rhythms of the French-style Overture Suite, it is as if the music never really gets cheerful, but remains wistful - a reminder of what awaits on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and therefore appropriate as an introduction not only to this concert, but also to Easter.

Concerto Copenhagen, under the direction of Lars Ulrik Mortensen, is looking forward to playing

Easter with a team of young, talented singers: soprano Anna Orlowicz Miilmann, countertenor Steffen Jespersen, tenor Mathias Monrad Møller and bass Joakim Larsson.