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Concerto Copenhagen


Italian Christmas concerts

- A. Corelli: Concerto grosso in G minor, Op. 6 No. 8 Fatto per la Notte di Natale
- G. Torelli: Concerto grosso in G minor, Op. 8 No. 6 Concerto in forma di Pastorale per il Santissimo Natale
- A. Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in E major, RV 270 Il riposo per il S.S Natale
- F. Manfredini: Concerto Grosso in C major, op.3 nr 12 Per il Santissimo Natale
- P. Locatelli: Concerto grosso in F minor, op. 1 nr 8
Per il Santo Natale

In 18th century Italy, a particular instrumental tradition of Christmas concerts emerged. It developed into a veritable fashion - always with gently singing melodies and usually with a movement intended to evoke rural atmospheres with animals and shepherds around the stable where Jesus was born and laid in a manger. Lars Ulrik Mortensen leads us through the warm Italian tones, ranging from Arcangelo Corelli's famous Christmas concerto to the heartfelt Christmas concerto grosso by the unjustly neglected composer Pietro Locatelli.



♥♥♥♥♥ "From start to finish you feel lifted and gently caressed" (Thomas Michelsen, Politiken, 09.12.2020)

"As always, I am impressed by Coco's ability to convey the ancient music with a nerve that on the one hand resonates with the emotional register of a modern person, while at the same time delving deep into worlds further away to preserve their notions of beauty, poetry and drama" (Camilla Marie Dahlgreen, Information, 19.12.2020)

"You can listen to this Christmas music all year round." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 08.12.2020)


Concerto Copenhagen
soloist: Fredrik From, violin
Violin I: Fredrik From (concertino), Peter Spissky, Hannah Tibell, Alison Luthmers
Violin II: Antina Hugosson (concertino), Tinne Albrectsen, Stefanie Barner-Madsen, Kanerva Juutilainen
Viola: Gabriel Bania, Jesenka Balic Zunic
Cello: Judith-Maria Blomsterberg (concertino), Hanna Loftsdóttir
Double bass: Megan Adie
Harpsichord and musical direction: Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Published on Naxos 23.10.2020