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Join Tamino on his adventurous quest to save Pamina, where reality mixes with fantasy in a battle between good and evil.
The Magic Flute is an opera about love and trials, and the struggle of light against darkness. This cinematic version of The Magic Flute focuses on Tamino's journey to find his own courage. It's an adventure, where Tamino must save Pamina, but in the end, it's really her who saves him. We jump in and out between the world of reality and fantasy, and we meet the different characters in both.
You are invited to stream the opera The Magic Flute in your classroom from December 13, 2023. The fairy tale is made as a feature film and is aimed at children in primary school - best suited for primary and middle school. Guiding teaching material has been prepared so you can include the film, opera and material in several school subjects, such as music, history, German, Danish or media subjects.

Schoolchildren across the country will soon be able to stream a very special production of Mozart's beloved opera 'The Magic Flute' with talented singers, orchestra and 100 schoolchildren from Høje Taastrup. For the first time, the special opera production will also be shown in selected cinemas.

'The Magic Flute' is a collaboration between Opera Hedeland, Operaen i Midten and Concerto Copenhagen under the direction of Lars Ulrik Mortensen, and not least 100 local children from primary school who participate as extras. The aim is to open up the enchanting world of opera to younger generations.
'The Magic Flute' is a German-language opera written by Emanuel Schikaneder and with music composed by none other than Mozart. It is a fairytale opera set in a fairytale universe with fairytale characters: there is a Queen of the Night, a mysterious Sarastro, a birdcatcher - and the very young ones who have to go through so much: Pamina and Tamino. The opera follows Prince Tamino and the birdcatcher Papageno as they search for Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night.
composerWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
LibrettoEmanuel Schikaneder
Movie conceptClaus Lynge
Versioning and instructionFreja Friberg Lyme
Versioning and ConductorLars Ulrik Mortensen
Singers Marlene Metzger as Pamina, Ian Bjørsvik as Tamino, William Pedersen as Papageno, Sidsel Eriksen as Papagena, Nicolai Elsberg as Sarastro, Jonathan Keiding as Monostatos, Signe Sneh Durholm as Queen of the Night
MusiciansFredrik From, Hannah Tibell, Antina Hugosson, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, Megan Adie, Torun Torbo, Antoine Torunczyk, Fiona Ordford, Jane Gower, Emmanuel Frankenberg, Nicola Carrara, Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Costume designerMarie Due
Business partnersOpera Hedeland, Concerto Copenhagen, Høje-Taastrup Børnekulturhus, Opera i Midten

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