The Baroque Expedition

a musical journey

Concerto Copenhagen and the National Gallery of Denmark offer a quite unique teaching programme that mixes music, art and narratives. Based on the museum's collection of art from the 1600s the children together with professional musicians develop new stories with words and music to a selection of works. The highlight is the final concert where the musicians accompany the children when telling their stories standing in front of the selected paintings. Besides the children's contributions Concerto Copenhagen plays a small selection of works on original instruments from the 1600s.

The overall objective of the course is to strengthen the children's ability to express imagination, feelings and experiences through music and painting as interpretative framework. Concerto Copenhagen wants to extend this project to other art museums in Denmark. This is being held back due to lack of financial ressources.

Elementary school: for grades 2-4
Duration: 11:15 to 13:30 including lunch break (bring your own lunch)
Price: 850 kr
Location: National Gallery of Denmark, Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 Copenhagen K.

For more info please contact Kirstine Skov Hansen +45 4212 6843 or
For booking please contact the National Gallery of Denmark +45 3374 8484 (Tuesday - Friday from 10.00-14.00) or

The course of structure

Part 1: The students are divided into 5 groups and each group receives a musical tour guide - a musician from Concerto Copenhagen. Together the students and musicians create a short story with music based on a chosen painting. 

Lunch break

Part 2: After lunch the concert starts. The students perform the musical story together with all the musicians from Concerto Copenhagen. The musicians also perform small pieces from the period for the students. In that way the Baroque Expedition moves through SMK’s collection with the musical stories created by the students.

PreparationAL work

Before the course it is a good idea to have a short conversation with the students about Baroque and 1600-1700 century. During the course it is the student’s own experiences of the paintings that form the framework for the conversations about the paintings but themes like expeditions, fine feasts, new imported goods etc. might be involved. It is also advantageous to prepare the students for that the process ends with oral communication of their stories, and that there may be other museum guests present in the room.

your role as a teacher

Prior to the expedition you have divided the students into 5 groups. Each group works on one painting and one musician. Your role during the process is to go with the groups that may have difficulty in this kind of course and help the musicians if the conversations about the paintings fails.

The overall learning target of the course

Our goal with the course is to enhance students' ability to express imagination, feelings and experiences through music and visual art as an interpretative framework and let the students take up a public space as art mediators for a day.

Common goal / competence and learning goals

The competence goals of the course correspond to the subject of Danish grades 2-4 and support that:

- The student can relate to familiar themes through conversation about literature and other aesthetic texts.
- The student can relate to familiar themes in their own and others' lives through the study of literature and other aesthetic texts.

Within the competence goals and curriculum of innovation and entrepreneurship the course aims to support several of the target group's learning objectives, among others:

- That the students can play with pictures and stories and put into words the universe of the artworks.
- That students can express elements of a musical piece in play and dramatization and work in a common creative process where art is being related to the musical experience.

students have said about the course

"The music makes the mood of the paintings clearer ..."
"I feel that I am entering the paintings. The paintings become more real."
"You see other things in the paintings when the music plays."
"It is actually not boring when you take the time to explore the paintings."
"There are not only people on the paintings but also nature and animals ..."
"The music is changing - from quiet to more quickly and dramatic."
"It's great that you bother to play only to us!"

See pictures and video from the Baroque Expeditions below!


The Baroque Expedition

Video production by The National Art Gallary