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Concerto Copenhagen


I am the resurrection and the life
Buxtehude and his Copenhagen connections

1. buxtehude:I am the Resurrection and the Life BuxWV 44
2. Erben: Sonata sopra ut, re, mi, fa, sol
3. Meder: Gott hilf mir
4. Weckmann: Toccata in A minor
5. Weckmann: Kommet her zu mir
6. Förster: Jesu dulcis memoria
7. Kirchhoff: Sonata á 6
8. Bruhns: Mein Herz ist bereit
9. Förster: Sonata á 7

"With our choice of works for this release, we have tried to provide a glimpse into the richness of music from the Baltic Sea region in the second half of the 17th century. The so-called Early Baroque is generally overshadowed by both the Baroque revival in Northern Italy around 1600 and the peak of the style over a hundred years later with the great German masters Telemann, Handel and Bach. As our selection of works confirms, 17th-century music is a difficult thing to define. It is a period of fearless innovation and bubbling creativity, characterized by formal experimentation that only developed into fixed conventions and a higher degree of conformity with the next generation of composers. It is in the early Baroque that the elements we now consider defining Baroque music are developed and consolidated. As such, the music of this period is both concretely and figuratively the very center of the Baroque.
Jakob Bloch Jespersen


"There is so much here to tweak the ear, not least the use of Chorton pitch, where A=465Hz. Highly recommended."
Andrew Mellor, Gramophone, October 2020

"All of the performances are superb in that clean and transparent period sound we have come to expect from releases of this kind"
Dominy Clements, Musicweb International

Jakob Bloch Jespersen, bass
Concerto Copenhagen:
Lars Ulrik Mortensen, organ, harpsichord and musical direction
Frederik From and Hannah Tibell, violin
Antina Hugosson and Jesenka Balic Zunic, violin and viola
Hanna Loftsdóttir and Hanna Thiel, viola da gamba
Heidi Gröger , violone
Gawain Glenton and Josue Melendez, zinc
Jane Gower- dulcian

Released on Dacapo Records in 2020