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Ich bin die Auferstehung und das Leben
Buxtehude and his Copenhagen Connections

By Jakob Bloch Jespersen
Our choice of works for this release reflects an attempt to provide a glimpse of the richness represented by the music from the Baltic region in the latter half of the 17th century. The so-called early Baroque (Frühbarock) is normally overshadowed by both the breakthrough of the Baroque in Northern Italy around 1600 and the culmination of the style a century or so later, with the great German masters Telemann, Handel and Bach As our selection of works confirms, the music of the 17th century is indeed a difficult entity to define It is a period deeply characterized by fearless innovation, bubbling creativity, and an experimentation with form that only with the subsequent generation of composers develops into fixed conventions and a higher degree of conformity. It is in the middle Baroque that the elements which we know consider as definitive for Baroque music are developed and consolidated. Actually, the music of this period can be said both in a concrete and a metaphorical sense to form the very focal point or hub of the Baroque.
Jakob Bloch Jespersen — bass-baritone
Lars Ulrik Mortensen — organ, harpsichord and direction
Concerto Copenhagen
Released on Dacapo Records