Lars Henriksson

My name is Lars Henriksson and I’m born in 1960. I grew up in a very musical family and there was always loads of music in my home. I played various instruments, especially the violin, but at 16 I finally saw the light. My dad had some recordings of Bach cantatas that I loved. The oboe playing was wonderful and I was hit by the lightening. Consequently I abandoned my violin and begun studying the oboe.

In 1979 I was accepted as a student at the Conservatory in Gothenburg where I remained until 1985. It didn’t go very well there, so I fled into the world of baroque music, where I saw the light for the second time. Consequently I went to the Mekka of baroque in those days, Holland, to study baroque oboe with the legendary Ku Ebbinge. This instrument has a wonderful sound with the ability to expand and shine. When you’re playing well there is almost a physical feeling of unity with the music and well being. You can really feel the sound inside your body. This experience was a turnaround for me, and from here onwards playing has been a positive process, although a bumpy one.

After coming back to Sweden in 1987 there were 4-5 years of scraping by without much work. Consequently I tried to contribute to get things moving by setting up Concerto Copenhagen together with Nikolaj and Anders Danman. But that is a different story. In the beginning of the 90es things begun to move, not least internationally, and within a couple of years I was playing regularly with some established international ensembles.

1995 was a milestone. Then I suddenly found myself in the position as 2nd oboe in the English orchestra Academy of Ancient Music, a position I am still holding today. Throughout the years I’ve worked with a number of orchestras and leaders, and the baroque oboe has taken me to most of the “civilized” corners in the world. It has truly been an amazing journey! From 2003 I have been combining my playing with my position in Concerto Copenhagen's administration.

Photo: Reinhard Wilting