The Orchestra

Musicians of Concerto Copenhagen

This alphabetical list contains the names of the musicians who always or frequently fill positions in Concerto Copenhagen projects. All musicians in Concerto Copenhagen are elite musicians with many years of focused and concentrated studies and experience in the area of Early Music and period instruments and with flair for overcoming the challenges they face – career and economic concerns, as well as musical and technical matters – to convey the music they are so passionate about.

Musicians in Constant Motion

Concerto Copenhagen musicians all perform in various settings and ensembles in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. They continually challenge themselves by performing music they do not know in advance (also known as “new music”), and by performing with different conductors and managers – or without them.

Many have performed in nearly every Concerto Copenhagen project over the years. A few have been involved from the very beginning, while others only participate from time to time, or are just starting to perform in some of the projects. Concerto Copenhagen is a dimension in constant motion and is made up by the musicians involved in a particular project at any given time.

Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Artistic Director

Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Lars Ulrik Mortensen is a Danish harpsichordist and conductor. He was a professor in Munic in 1996-99 and has since then been artistic director of Concerto Copenhagen. In 2007 he received the Léonie Sonning Music Prize. Read the entire biography…