The most exquisite listening experience

Concerto Copenhagen lives in every way up to what is to be expected of a historic performance. A ligthful and brilliant sound, exquisite down to the last detail, fascinating colors of sound and impulsive variations of pace. It all comes together as a whole creating a listening experience of the most sublime.
5 out of 6 stars

Le Parnasse Musical
Le Parnasse Musical – 27/4 2017

The morning we all became shepherds

You may think that it is courageous to embrace so much in a single book. It is not easy to get children interested in listening to Baroque music [...] The reason this book succeeds is because it is the best quality. Author, illustrator and orchestra are among the very best.

Bjarne W. Andresen, 1/4 2017

The 17th Century illuminated in tones of fire

»Concerto Copenhagen celebrated Europe’s music heritage proving why we need such music specialists.«
5 out of 6 hearts

Henrik Friis
Politiken, 23/3 2017
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Gade’s masterpiece ’Elverhøj’ performed sensationally in technicolor

»To expose Gade to such a 'reinterpretation' had the result of eliminating the patinated impressions of earlier recordings and resulted in a new astonishing image of Gade's music in glorious technicolor.«

Camilla Marie Dahlgreen
Information, 3/3 2017
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Gade as main direction

»The performance of “Elverskud” with Concerto Copenhagen and The Danish National Vocal Ensemble became a historical moment in Danish music. «

Søren Schauser
Berlingske Tidende, 2/3 2017
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"Elverskud" in German

»One […] was thrilled to witness the treasure of Danish Golden Age unfolded by CoCo and The Danish National Vocal Ensemble who created the fundament for the concert's three exellent soloists.«
4 out of 6 stars

Peter Dürrfeldt
Kristeligt Dagblad, 2/3 2017
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Our B Minor Mass recording chosen for ‘Building a Library’ in BBC 3

»Nicholas Kenyon presented Bach's B Minor Mass in BBC Radio 3 on 11/2 – Concerto Copenhagen's recording was chosen for ‘Building a Library’! We are excited – this is the second recording by Concerto Copenhagen that makes it into ‘Building a Library’.«

Listen to the full presentation here...

Nicholas Kenyon
BBC Radio 3, 11/2 2017

Refreshing Brandenburg Concerts

»CoCo presented the 300 years of old music with a fresh take and a delightful desire of risk taking«
5 ouf of 6 stars



Peter Dürrfeld, 8/2 2017
Kristeligt Dagblad
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How often do you get to experience a sparkling piccolo violin?

»Concerto Copenhagen's presentation of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos was boiling with fresh and colorful music making«
5 of out 6 hearts



Thomas Michelsen, 8/2 2017
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