Specialists nutured the Holy Child gently and tenderly

»[…]the audience had cradling pastoral tones in their ears and the concert was in general characterized by the tenderness a concert in honour of a newborn child literally deserves. Far from December’s ”Halleluja—shouting”.«
4 out of 6 hearts


Thomas Michelsen
Politken – 15/12 2017

CoCo in Holberg's footsteps

»A nation which has nurtured an ensemble like Concerto Copenhagen […] and a Lars Ulrik Mortensen can’t be wrong. The cocktail of profound musicality, a passion for taking new and different directions and perhaps a little bit of madness has been the characteristics of the ensemble over the years where you’re always feeling excited about the next concert like a little child to let yourself be seduced anew by Lars Ulrik Mortensen and his talented musicians.«   

Tore Mortensen
Nordjyske – 15/8 2017

Performed in the most compelling and historical way

»It was a fully packed church in Risør […] it started out with Castello, Biber and Purchell […] performed in the most compelling and historical way by Concerto Copenhagen.«


Eystein Sandvik
NRK Radio – 29/6 2017

A summer night of baroque ligtning and thunder

»It is very clear that Concerto Copenhagen’s musicians interprete the music with great pleasure and follow their director Lars Ulrik Mortensen with utmost conviction […] A stormy night with a suitably stormy applause.«

Michael Wruss – 13/6 2017

A Baroque storm in Potsdam

»Concerto Copenhagen increased both tempo and volume further under the direction of the temperamental Lars Ulrik Mortensen, with breaks of constantly new and even more musical versions to stage the dynamics of ebb and river.«

Michaela Schabel – 10/6 2017

Fire water storm baroque!

»The Danish musicians gave the music a majestic quality, which evoked memories of Edward Elgar's preferred lecturial term "Nobilmente".«

Carlos Maria Solare
Festspielsereporter – 10/6 2017

The most exquisite listening experience

»Concerto Copenhagen lives in every way up to what is to be expected of a historic performance. A ligthful and brilliant sound, exquisite down to the last detail, fascinating colors of sound and impulsive variations of pace. It all comes together as a whole creating a listening experience of the most sublime.
5 out of 6 stars.«

Le Parnasse Musical
Le Parnasse Musical – 27/4 2017

The morning we all became shepherds

»You may think that it is courageous to embrace so much in a single book. It is not easy to get children interested in listening to Baroque music [...] The reason this book succeeds is because it is the best quality. Author, illustrator and orchestra are among the very best.«


Bjarne W. Andresen, 1/4 2017

The 17th Century illuminated in tones of fire

»Concerto Copenhagen celebrated Europe’s music heritage proving why we need such music specialists.«
5 out of 6 hearts

Henrik Friis
Politiken, 23/3 2017
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