Gesualdo Shadows – opera by Bo Holten at Den Fynske Opera

»It was in every way a charming evening where everyone on and behind the stage gave their best. And for me it is always a special pleasure to be able to see the musicians. On a very Baroque manner the 10 musicians were placed in two rows facing each other - strings by strings and wind instruments and flutist on opposite sides and between the musicians was the harpsichord. Beautiful.«
5 stars

Ulla Strømberg

Review: Gesualdo - Shadows, Den Fynske Opera

»It was quite exciting to see some older types of instruments and hear their sounds, and with various strings it sounded very beautiful and captivating.«
4 out of 6 stars

Mette Herschend
Ungt Teaterblod


»Gesualdo - Shadows was very consistently. The sound was good and the ability to follow the text was a very fine initiative.«
4 out of 6 stars

Kåre-Emil Hansen

The composer, who sought the quirky and jarring

»With great authority the music of Bo Holten winds round Gesualdo's original compositions.«
4 out of 6 stars

Lene Kryger
Fyens Stiftstidende
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Fête champêtre for children

»I'm almost a little mad at Carlsen – and almost also on Tea Bendix and Poul Høxbro – for serving something so crazy and cool as Baroque music and pastoral poetry for kids as boring as a picture book on the usual 32 pages in a usual A4-format and with a lame school book icon on the front page, which pictures a CD with the information 'Inlaid CD with music recorded by Concerto Copenhagen'.
Why not: 'Wow, we actually hired Scandinavia's leading Baroque Orchestra to play a concert for you with viola da gamba, oboe, bassoon and baroque guitar! Hurry online and see Poul play on pipe and tabor at the same time!'«

Kamilla Löfström
Information, 24/9 2016
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Magnificent performance of Händel's Apollo and Daphne in the old exchange hall 1 August

»The cantata began with Concerto grosso (Op.3:4) where Concerto Copenhagen with Lars Ulrik Mortensen's incitingly, fluttering conductor arms with dynamic and invigorating friskiness created an incomparable floating and balanced musical atmosphere.«

Ascolta, nr. 2 oktober 2016

The Fairy Queen - illusions of the loneliness of life

»It's probably not all that welcome the adaption of Purcell's masterpiece, but the team behind the performance deserves high praise for subtlety, charmingly and lusciously to have landed it so festively. The same goes for the eight singers and to a great extent Concerto Copenhagen and their dazzling conductor.«

Henrik Marcussen
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Bearded Men In Tulle Skirts

»And in the hands of Lars Ulrik Mortensen and Concerto Copenhagen [the music] is upright and springy, constantly living, breathing, quivering.«
4 out of 6 stars

Jakob Wivel
Børsen, 16/9 2016

A Coloured and Excitable Purcell Affair

»In relation to the beautiful music that rises from the orchestra pit led by Concerto Copenhagen and Lars Ulrik Mortensen Puk evolves into what the Germans call a Spielverderber. Just as you sit and enjoy the crisp baroque music Puk interrupts with new nonsense.«
3 out of 6 stars

Peter Dürrfeld
Kristeligt Dagblad, 15/9 2016