Mozart: Genius and joker

Copenhagen, Espergærde, Viborg, Faaborg & Hobro

Mozart has long been regarded as one of the greatest musical geniuses the world has ever known, but Milos Forman’s cinematic masterpiece Amadeus acquainted us with an entirely different side of him. Here we are presented with an inexperienced and frankly callow young man with narcissistic tendencies and a penchant for undignified behaviour. This program delves into the fascinating tension and interplay between these twin elements of Genius and Joker.

Ein Musikalischer Spaß (A Musical Joke), as the title indicates, is comical, but it is also a bristling musical satire in which the composer mocks his less gifted colleagues. Considered one of the most important chamber music pieces for oboe, The Oboe Quartet is F major is highly demanding for the musicians, despite all its superficial grace and elegance. With the Andante from the Cassation in G major we encounter the precocious genius of the only 13 year old Mozart in the almost ethereally beautiful slow movement for strings. And finally we have Divertimento No. 11 in which Mozart, now in his late teens, freely deploys his entire musical stockpile with a youthful ease and inventiveness, yet already welded to the compositional overview and discipline of a true master.


Wolfgang A. Mozart:
“Ein musikalischer Spaß”, K.522
Oboe Quartet in F Major, K.370
– – –
Andante from ”Cassation” in G Major, K.63
Divertimento No. 11 in D Major, K.251