Niels W. Gade: Elverskud

DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen

Concerto Copenhagen and Lars Ulrik Mortensen join forces with DR VokalEnsemblet on the national romantic music in Gade’s Elverskud. It will be an exciting new interpretation of one of the greatest classics of Danish music.

Elverskud is a musical national treasure. It is one of the best Danish pieces of music from the 1800s. And it is a major work of national romanticism. The Danish composers used the old folk songs to create a new kind of classical music. At the head of this was the composer Niels W. Gade, Denmark's biggest name in music from the 1800s. 

Gade's choral work is loved by both amateur and professional singers. It is based on the folk ballad about Sir. Oluf, who the night before his wedding rides out into the forest. He is attracted to the dark side - both his own and the seductive elf girl and the instincts end up costing him his life.

Elverskud has uniquely remained the repertoire, since it was played for the first time in 1854, directed by Niels W. Gade himself. In Gade’s 200-year Elverskud will be performed by Concerto Copenhagen and conductor Lars Ulrik Mortensen, which specialize in recreating the original sound world in which the music was written. The concert will undoubtedly be a highlight of this year's celebration of Niels W. Gade.


Niels W. Gade: Elverskud
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Gade’s masterpiece ’Elverhøj’ performed sensationally in technicolor

»To expose Gade to such a 'reinterpretation' had the result of eliminating the patinated impressions of earlier recordings and resulted in a new astonishing image of Gade's music in glorious technicolor.«

Camilla Marie Dahlgreen
Information, 3/3 2017
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Gade as main direction

»The performance of “Elverskud” with Concerto Copenhagen and The Danish National Vocal Ensemble became a historical moment in Danish music. «

Søren Schauser
Berlingske Tidende, 2/3 2017
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"Elverskud" in German

»One […] was thrilled to witness the treasure of Danish Golden Age unfolded by CoCo and The Danish National Vocal Ensemble who created the fundament for the concert's three exellent soloists.«
4 out of 6 stars

Peter Dürrfeldt
Kristeligt Dagblad, 2/3 2017
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