Earth, Wind & Fire

Potsdam and Brunnenthal

Music of The Elements 1674 – 1740

Lars Ulrik Mortensen and the rest of Concerto Copenhagen are going on tour to Potsdam and Brunnenthal in Germany with a program that is almost identical to the anniversary year closing concert Earth, Wind & Fire in November 2016 with the world-renowned conductor and gamba player Jordi Savall at the helm.


Jean-Féry Rebel: Les Éléments, 1737
Antonio Vivaldi: Flute concerto in F Major La tempesta di mare, 1729, RV 433
Antonio Vivaldi: Violin concerto in Es Major La tempesta di mare, 1729, RV 253
– – –
Matthew Locke: Music for The Tempest, 1674
Georg Philipp Telemann: Suite Hamburger Ebb und Flut i C-Dur, +/- 1740, TWV55:C3