Baltic Bass Cantatas – The sound of the North


In the 17th century Copenhagen attracted some of the most distinguished singers and musicians in Europe of that time. Generous salaries offered by the court in combination with wars and unrest in Germany made it appealing to visit the city for leading composers such as the Schütz-pupil Matthias Weckmann and the Buxtehude-pupil Nikolaus Bruhns, as well as for more colourful personalities such as captain and bass singer Kaspar Förster who held the position as Kapellmeister at the Danish court for several years. The program presents the inventive and prosperous music of this period by means of cantatas for bass and chamber music - headed by the master above them all; Danish born Diderik Buxtehude.

Concerto Copenhagen is thrilled to be a part of the Berlin festival Spandau macht Alte Musik (SPAM).
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