Musikalsk Grundkursus

Workshop concert with students from MGK

Concerto Copenhagen offers in collaboration with Musikalsk Grundkursus (MGK) in Copenhagen, Helsingor and all over Zealand besides Skt. Annæ Gymnasium an annual workshop course for the talented young 

The objective is to take responsibility for musicial food chain in Denmark and to inspire the young talents with the musicality and give them the experience of Baroque music and the playing techniques and musical expression of baroque music and to give them a course of musical joy and a number of public concerts with audience all that comes with it. Finally, it is for Concerto Copenhagen also important in this way to try to give young people a taste for baroque music with the thought that they may one day be recruited for the orchestra.

So far the project takes place once a year, and you have to already be a student at one of these music schools to participate. The idea is to expand the project to cover larger parts of the country, this is however being held back due to lack of financial ressources.

See interviews with some of the young people and with concert master Peter Spissky below.


Musikalsk Grundkursus 2017

Interview with the MGK-students Marta and Jeppe during the MGK workshop project 2017 with Copenhagen Music School, Santk Annæ Gymnasium and the Music School at Frederiksberg.
Peter Spissky – musical direction
Video production: Kirstine Skov Hansen / Concerto Copenhagen


Musikalsk Grundkursus 2015

Interview with students participating in the workshop project


Musikalsk Grundkursus 2014

Interview with students and with Peter Spissky