Moving Baroque

a musical and poetic walk through the collection of 17th- and 18th century paintings in the danish national gallery

In February 2015 Concerto Copenhagen launched a project in collaboration with the Arts Museum in Copenhagen (Statens Museum for Kunst) and arts communicator Annette Skov called "Bevægende barok", which translates into Moving Baroque or Touching Baroque.

During a 35-minutes event the audience that happened to be in the museum at that time was encouraged to follow the musicians and Annette through the various 17th-18th century exhibition halls. Annette told "animating" stories based on the paintings and the ensemble played music that suited the paintings and the stories.

The event was repeated 5 times during one weekend and was a huge success and is scheduled to return, date not yet known. Concerto Copenhagen wants to extend this project to other arts museums in Denmark but is being held back by lack of ressources.

Poul Høxbro – drums, galoubet-&-tambourin, musical direction, concept
Annette Skov – story telling, acting, concept

See video from the 2015-shows below.


Moving Baroque

From the shows at the Danish National Art Gallery, February 2015. Production Cubus Film