Media Partner

Media Partner Danish RadioConcerto Copenhagen has a longstanding relationship with the Danish Radio, DR P2 Music, for recording, transmission or coverage of the ensemble’s concerts and activities. DR broadcasts many of Concerto Copenhagen’s concerts directly in Denmark and occasionally via the EBU network (European Broadcast Union).

DR P2 Music reports interviews, portrait broadcasts and website themes for the orchestra, and approximately once a year a journalist follows the ensemble for an event abroad.

Millions of Listeners!

DR P2 Music makes the live recordings with Concerto Copenhagen available to the EBU network for up to two years after each event. In addition to all major European radio stations, the EBU network also includes a number of radio stations outside of Europe, for example in the USA, South America, Australia and the Middle East. In 2011 alone, 60 radio stations from around the world transmitted live recordings with Concerto Copenhagen and the ensemble’s concerts have had at least fifty million listeners! Each live-recording reaches an average of 15 million radio audiences worldwide.